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Today we bring you Exvid. A Wordpress Modern Theme to help you build better and modern Porn Tubes. Due the increasing offer of websites, you need to stand from the regular crawd. Here comes Exvid in your help. How can Exvid help me?

  • Exvid is robust and reliable. Built in pure HTML5 & CSS3
  • 100% Responsive and browser friendly: from Chrome to Microsoft Edge or Safari.
  • Import video content with the click of a buttom
  • Images are created on the fly in auto




  • Type: WordPress 4.4
  • Created: 04 September, 2015
  • Last Update: 09 agosto, 2015
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Size: 0.00 MB
  • Files: PHP, CSS, HTML, PNG, JPG


  • Diseño fresco y limpio
  • Fácil de personalizar
  • HTML5 y CSS3
  • Con tecnología Bootstrap 3
  • Diseño responsive
  • Importadores de vídeos con filtros avanzados
  • Importadores de vídeos por palabra clave
  • Importador en piloto automático
  • Sistema de votación de videos y modelos
  • Registro y login de usuarios
  • Integración de registro con Facebook
  • Añadir modelos y videos a favoritos
  • Añadir videos a lista de pendientes
  • Marcar video como visto
  • Perfil detallado de cada modelo
  • Contador de visitas por video y modelo
  • Imágenes optimizadas
  • Listado de vídeos y modelos
  • Listado de categorias
  • Ranking de vídeos y modelos
  • Filtros avanzados
  • Panel de configuración
  • Videos relacionados por modelo y categoría
  • Thumbnail automático por cada video
  • Registro de usuarios habilitado
  • Publicidad integrada
  • Funciones rápidas y accesibles
  • Optimizado para buscadores
  • URLs Amigable optimizadas
  • Caja de comentarios simple y potente
  • Paginacion con AJAX
  • Busqueda por modelos o videos
  • Widgets disponibles
  • Documentación extensa y detallada

Unique video import feature

Exvid stand out for its unique crawler. That will save you time uploading video content with the click of a buttom. Take advantage of smart automation and start posting content daily within a few minutes. No need to hire uploaders or writers or just use them for a fraction of the time.

Content import automation feature created for us and only for our customers.

Unique video import feature
Top Videos & Pornstars

Top Videos & Pornstars

Improve your tube user experience providing top content to your users. Very usefull pages where a visitor can get exactly what they are looking for.

Lightweigh Images

Reduce size, decrease loading time and improve user experience while getting better rankings and SEO experience. Exvid will do it for you, so you just focus in uploading the best content

Lightweigh Images
100% Responsive Design

100% Responsive Design

Nowadays, you need to present the information on your website for every device. Phone, android, iphone, tablet, laptop or widescreen, Exvid will show your website in its best resolution based on your visitor device.

Thumbnail updated automatically

Thumbnails on the fly and created automatically. Do not lose time cutting and uploading pictures, let Exvid do the hard work for you while you focus in generating more content and get more traffic to your site.

Thumbnail updated automatically
User new function: Add video or pornstar to shortlist

User new function: Add video or pornstar to shortlist

This new feature allow, to every user, to create its own tube with the videos and porstars he/she prefers. Because every users has different needs. With Exvid, you will satisfy them all. That feature itself increase recurrent visitors and reduce bounce back ratio. Again, it´s all about user experience and better rankings.

User feature: To Watch List

Exvid allow the visitor to create a TO WATCH list, so they can come back anytime and watch the videos he chose to.

User feature: To Watch List
User feature: Mark videos as watched

User feature: Mark videos as watched

On the other side, you can mark a video as watched. Very usefull if you are watching a tv show or a list of videos.